ClubPenguin Coin Cheat for Dancing Game(fixed)

20 01 2009

I found a money chet for the new dancing game on cp. Here are the steps you should take for the cheat to work.

  1. Cick on the dancing game
  2. Right before it says, “Would you like to dance?” click on the house icon on the chat bar
  3. You should be in your igloo when it says “Would you like to dance?” Click yes
  4. Play as many games as you like
  5. When you are done click on the x in the top right corner and click ok
  6. Do step 5 as many time as you like
  7. Log off and log back on
  8. When you click on your player card, you should have (Insert amount of coins here) coins!

note: I do not think clubpenguin is going to fugure out about it because there is so much complexity in the cheat that if they fixed it we could play all the games in our igloos and earn lots of coins! (I also think we could do the dj3k cheat again if they fixed it!) Teehee!

ClubPenguin has already fixed this cheat. Apperently, they go on every clubpenguin blog on the internet and search for money cheats to fix. Sorry!




2 responses

26 01 2009

dang. ps how did u find that cheat? if u want i can put u on my links. plz reply

27 01 2009

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