ClubPenguin’s Big Day Of Updates!

28 03 2009

Hello guys! ClubPenguin has recieved lots of updates today, so this might be my longest post ever!

First, we have a surfboard catalogue all its own.


You have to click on the note on the surfboards to make the catalogue appear. Once done, it should look like this:


Plus, if you click on the word “Waves”, you can get the Silver Surfboard!


Next update, we have new fonts when we speak. Here’s an example of Ox485 and I talking to each other:


Yep, it’s the ClubPenguin font. It’s about time they put it in!

Next, we have a new Snow & Sports Catalogue.


Looks like a familiar cover, doesn’t it?



Click on the green penguin in the background to get Green Baseball Gear!


Click on the Pitcher’s Mound to get the Reed Baseball Cap!

I’m not done yet, CluPenguin also has a new Ninja Catalogue!


The White Gi (My favorite)


And a Tea Table set. (Furniture Item)

Just one more thing, Non-Members are finally able to get into the Penguin Play Awards! But only members can get backstage. Take a look:


Yay! Now my Non-member penguin and all other non-members can get in!

Well guys, I’m done for now. Enjoy all the updates on ClubPenguin!





One response

7 04 2009

thanks for the cheats.Do you have any advice on how to become a ninja?

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