Test #2

18 05 2009

No this does not mean I’m coming back to this blog. This is just a test.

Hyper The Mole

Hyper The Mole


ClubPenguin’s Big Day Of Updates!

28 03 2009

Hello guys! ClubPenguin has recieved lots of updates today, so this might be my longest post ever!

First, we have a surfboard catalogue all its own.


You have to click on the note on the surfboards to make the catalogue appear. Once done, it should look like this:


Plus, if you click on the word “Waves”, you can get the Silver Surfboard!


Next update, we have new fonts when we speak. Here’s an example of Ox485 and I talking to each other:


Yep, it’s the ClubPenguin font. It’s about time they put it in!

Next, we have a new Snow & Sports Catalogue.


Looks like a familiar cover, doesn’t it?



Click on the green penguin in the background to get Green Baseball Gear!


Click on the Pitcher’s Mound to get the Reed Baseball Cap!

I’m not done yet, CluPenguin also has a new Ninja Catalogue!


The White Gi (My favorite)


And a Tea Table set. (Furniture Item)

Just one more thing, Non-Members are finally able to get into the Penguin Play Awards! But only members can get backstage. Take a look:


Yay! Now my Non-member penguin and all other non-members can get in!

Well guys, I’m done for now. Enjoy all the updates on ClubPenguin!


April Fools Day Party Sneak Peak!

25 03 2009

Hello guys! April is coming up and it looks ike ClubPenguin is gonna be giving us a cool party full of pranks!


I wonder if that is a teleportation device… Just kidding! I hope there are free items there.

Waddle on!                                                                                            Rockintown48

Mar. 09′ Clothing Catalogue cheats + St. patrick Party

16 03 2009

Hello guys! Here are the March 09 Clothing Catalogue cheats.


Click on the Pot O’ Gold in the background to get the Pot O’ Gold!


Click on The word “more” in “Tuxedo’s and more.” To get the boa!


Click on the intersecting spotlights to get the Red Viking Helmet!


Click on the intersecting spotlights 4 times to get the Blue Viking Helmet!


Click on the Coffee sign in the background to get the Spikester!


Click on the purple dance spot to get the Spikette!


Click on the “R” in “Clearance” to get the Fruit Headdress!

Plus, We have some St. Patrick’s Party stuff!


In the Coffee Shop, Go over to the big pot of hats to get the Clover hat!


Go to the Member’s only Leprechaun house and get the Accordian!

That’s all for today. Bye!

I’m back! + Bellerophont quitting clubpenguin?

13 03 2009

Hiya guys! I’m sorry I haven’t made a post in a couple days… I’ve been busy with homework. So, I’ve been wondering, Why is bellerophont quitting clubpenguin? is he busy with somethin? post a comment on what you think about this.

500 Hits Party!!

5 03 2009

Hello guys! Many of you may have noticed… I have over 500 hits! Here’s the party info:


Rockintown’s 500 Hits Party

  • 4:00 – 4:30 CPST (UPDATED)
  • Fjord
  • Dock and My Igloo
  • March 7, 2009 (UPDATED)

Hope you guys will come! 😉

St. Patricks Day Party!

3 03 2009

Hello Penguins!

The annual Club Penguin St. Patrick’s Day Party will be March 13 – 17 and the island’s going to be buzzing with good green fun! I don’t want to give everything away, but with a bit of help I managed to find this image for you: 



Pretty sweet, huh? Man I can’t wait for this party!

– Rockintown48